Gallaratese Orchard

Social agriculture and food community development for the cohesion and revitalization of the Gallaratese-QT8 territory

The Gallaratese Orchard is part of the Food Policy projects of the Municipality of Milan, and aims to promote urban agriculture as a vector of social cohesion and urban regeneration in the Gallaratese and QT8 districts, the areas with the largest public green areas and at the same time with the highest old age index of the city. The specific objectives set by the Municipality of Milan are therefore: 1) to increase social cohesion, involving the elderly and local communities; 2) to increase the attractiveness of the area, focusing on healthy food; 3) to increase the supply of ecosystem services.

The basis for the Feasibility Study was a phase of active listening to the social actors (individual or collective) of the Gallaratese and QT8 neighbourhoods in the dual role of beneficiaries and protagonists of the process: on the one hand, the study collects the emerging demand and local constraints; on the other hand, it urges local actors to take a position and be an active and operational part in the project. Also for this reason among the project actions are indicated both the interventions related to the theme of food and agriculture, and the capacity building actions of the actors involved necessary for the realization of the interventions.

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