Incremental support measures for Urban Regeneration











Towards a regional policy for economic sustainability of Urban Regeneration

The research is part of the reflections activated by the Regional Government of the Lombardy Region on the economic-financial mechanisms that can favor the economic sustainability of projects for the recovery of abandoned areas and buildings that, inspired by the urban regeneration perspective, can convey reactivation strategies. of unitary and integrated areas also through the experimentation of innovative solutions such as the activation of services of collective interest and forms of temporary reuse as a flywheel of transformation.

The technical support offered by KCity was aimed at researching, selecting and rearranging useful elements to prefigure the lines of work for the activation of a regional policy in favor of the economic sustainability of urban regeneration, jointly managing the ideas arising from the analysis of the existing financing instruments, the considerations emerged in the context of the specialist debate between urban regeneration operators and the analysis of financing models that have involved cases recognized as good practices.

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