Beyond Barrios CAG

A multifunctional project open to the territory and capable of resilience

From 1997 to 2016 the Youth Aggregation Center (CAG) of the Partisan Women’s Square in the Barona district of Milan was run by the New ONLUS Association, under the name of Barrio’s Dream. The CAG was opened in the context of the interventions provided by the “Drug Addiction Operational Plan”, with the aim of activating new aggregation and socialization proposals for young people who often live in a neighborhood “comprising a substantial part of ERP” a situation of marginality and discomfort.

After the concession period, the New ONLUS Community Association intends to develop a design project aimed at identifying possible and appropriate innovation models of the service model experienced over the years, expressing the desire to make use of the technical and strategic contribution of KCity.

Download the project file (PDF)