Strategies and Valorisation Scenarios for Varese

A re-functionalisation and valorisation project of part of the real estate heritage of the Municipality of Varese

The Municipality of Varese has identified KCity (group leader, together with Studio Cavaggioni) as a technical partner for the development of innovative models for the valorisation of underused public real estate. The assignment involved a significant portion of the heritage of the Municipality of Varese, which varies in terms of characteristics, size, state of conservation and level of occupation; a heritage, between buildings and land, which corresponds to about 71% of the entire municipal heritage.

The heritage of disused or underused public property is probably the most important resource on which the Administrations can rely to face the problem from the progressive reduction of funds available to pursue general interest objectives, through the use of innovative forms of valorization. There are many ways in which this resource can be brought into play within the scenario of urban regeneration, which presupposes the activation of synergies and virtuous mechanisms (win-win) between the actors, interests, themes and constituent elements of territorial development. In order to investigate these possibilities, with reference to the part of its heritage that the Municipality of Varese has brought to the attention of this work, KCity and Studio Cavaggioni have conceived and experimented an articulated path, within which the competences of the two bodies have been integrated and mutually completed, within each of the three phases provided for in the specifications: reconnaissance, functionalisation and valorisation.

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