Towards New Housing Policies

Technical assistance and support service for programming according to the Regional Law 16/2016

With the new Lombardy Regional Law 16/2016 “Regional regulation of housing services,” the Lombardy Region intends to promote a process of radical renewal of the paradigm of intervention of housing policies inscribing them in the broader field of social policies and territorial welfare. Municipalities are entrusted with an important planning role aimed at promoting the activation and coordination of a wide range of resources, according to a reticular and synergistic vision of the district.

KCity has been entrusted with a support and technical assistance service to the Plan Office of the Territorial Area of District 5 for some initiatives that it intended to take with reference to the integrated socio-territorial planning of housing policies provided for by regional law 16/2016. The service has been designed taking into account the succession of deadlines defined by the discipline of the sector, in particular the approval of the Annual Plan of the Public Housing Supply 2020.

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