Building Communities Ferrara

Mapping and gathering information on the activation of services of collective interest as drivers for the urban regeneration of a dismantled industrial area

The area of the Ex Distillerie Alc.Este – 220,000 square meters of property of REF, which has long been decommissioned and framed by the Urban Plan as one of the main transformation areas of the city – has been identified, in agreement with the Municipality of Ferrara, as a suitable case for applying a methodological format specifically designed by KCity to trigger urban regeneration of dismantled areas called “Building Communities”.

In the most common ways of conceiving real estate development, services of collective interest are considered by real estate agents only as a burden to Public Administration, to be implemented in the queue of the urban transformation process and using the economic resources generated by private interventions. The proposed alternative approach bets on the fact that the activation of services of collective interest conceived as commons can act as a flyer for urban development and real estate development. 

Download the project file (PDF)