Urban regeneration

Abandoned buildings, underdeveloped areas, degraded districts: nowadays the city development depends on the skill to reinvent the way spaces are used, by systematizing different interests and opportunities.

City to be reinvented

Social, economic and cultural changes are forcing cities to modify and reorganize the living space on the basis of new principles and new development logic: from this point of view “urban voids” and underused spaces offer a great opportunity to rethink territorial functions creating new synergies between the public, private and tertiary sector.

Innovation for urban quality

In the growing competition between areas and urban transformation actors and to improve quality of city life, these are the strategic objectives to direct all interventions towards: innovation in the design of services, qualification of development models and attention in the relation with territory.

Sustainability and social utility

Scarcity of resources brings about a sustainability discourse which leads us to believe in a possible positive and virtuous relation between initiatives that pursue individual interests (which may concern an area, a social group or a business) and more general objectives (concerning community and the common good).