Rurban: housing and services in the urban-rural fringe

Project management for an Implementation Plan at the outskirts of Milan

The action concerns a border zone between the edge of the urban fabric and the protected agricultural area of Parco Sud, in the Municipality of Milan. The city’s new PGT (Piano di Governo del Territorio – Town Planning Scheme) envisages to allocate it for facilities indirectly appurtenant to social housing, granting the owner the right to provide the service independently.

The action underway follows a preliminary assignment, meant to assess the economic and financial feasibility of the intervention and to define its strategic vision and qualitative contents. KCity proposed to integrate the residential part (built according to the expected mix between rent and affordable sale) with a range of services enhancing the quality of the surrounding area, making it more attractive, and highlighting its specificities (relationship between city and countryside).

The present assignment concerns a project management activity aimed at the definition of the Implementation Plan in agreement with the City of Milan. It implies pinpointing planning tools, enabling synergies between public and private goals (transfer of development rights, compensation, land exchange, property disposals, etc.).

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