Villa Albrizzi-Franchetti

An urban regeneration project starting with the recovery of a historic villa

Villa Albrizzi-Franchetti is located in the town of Preganziol along Via Terraglio, a historic and important artery road that joins Treviso and Venice. The territory of Preganziol is a mixture of agricultural areas and productive areas, in a context that could be defined as a typical “diffused city”. The proximity of important cities such as Venice and the passage of some of the major transport routes make the area a crucial passage for both commuters and tourists.

The Municipal Administrations of Casier and Preganziol have invited KCity to propose a technical-economic sustainability plan in order to make the most of Villa Albrizzi-Franchetti. These requests are part of the activities undertaken by the Administration to deepen a previous development project that concerns the area, proposed by the Appiani Company.

Download the project file (PDF)