Cambiamenti assennati in via Cenni

Visions and scenarios for the integration and innovation of the “Azione solidale” co-operative services

“Azione Solidale” is a cooperative that operates in the field of integration and education of disabled and underprivileged minors and has planned to unite all its services in a single place. Its various facilities, so far spread out in the 7th Milan district, will move to the “Cenni di cambiamento” premises that are assigned to social housing services by the Fondazione “Housing Sociale”.

In its broadest scope, the Via Cenni project intends to accommodate and stimulate new ways of living in the city and new approaches to diversity and disadvantage. In this perspective, the new location might offer the cooperative an opportunity to innovate its organization and to tackle issues related to compatibility between different kinds of beneficiaries and activities.

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