Spazio MIL-Carroponte

The project of a cultural centre integrated within its territory

The industrial archeology heritage of Sesto San Giovanni represents an important resource and for a long time policies of recovery and improvement have been focusing on it. However, it is becoming ever more evident that the requirement of building conservation and physical rehabilitation of the surrounding areas are not in themselves sufficient.

It is necessary to have them accompanied with perspectives of socio-economic revitalization and renewal of functional relationships between these areas and the surrounding ones. The project is aimed at supporting the development of identity, spatial organization, and management model reinforcement of the former Carroponte, located within the ex-Breda area. In some periods of the year, this area serves as a setting for cultural events of interest to city-dwellers. The project is based on European models of multifunctional cultural centers, which are highly integrated into the surrounding setting. The project was designed, and its feasibility verified, through the Fondazione Cariplo call for tender “Enhancing cultural activities as a factor of urban areas development”.

Download the project file (PDF)