Urban mix in the city of Parma

New urban regeneration strategies for the Pasubio area

“PRU Pasubio” is a recovery and improvement program for an abandoned and degraded former industrial area (45,411 sqm) located in Parma, between the historic center and the motorway junction. The program was promoted in 2002, in accordance with the regional law n. 19 “Rules on urban redevelopment” of July 1998. During its implementation, the action met several difficulties, which, combined with the economic downtrend, brought to the reconversion of the promoter’s status, from “public-private” subject to entirely private subject with public service duties. In order to maintain the action feasibility, it was necessary to reconceive the nature of the project, turning it into a ‘new’ pilot project for the city and the territory, which resulted in a typical example of cooperation between public and private sectors in urban regeneration programs. The project is based on the most advanced experiences of urban regeneration in Italy and around the world, investing in original models of urban mix and in their implementation through virtuous relationships between public and private sectors.

Download the project file (PDF)